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PoornSearch is not responsible for the content of external pages. As soon as you click on an external or search result link, you are leaving our offer.

All search results are automatically crawled and indexed. We check randomly new domains in our index, but we can not react directly to changes in content. You should take advantage of our offer.

We have absolutely zero tolerance for underage porn or similar content and we try to make sure, to remove such indexing immediately. If you still have found underage, fake or stolen content use the following e-mail to notify us:
[email protected]

We will check your email within 48h and remove the content if necessary.


If you own a porn site you can also get into our index.

All you have to do is to put a backlink easily visible on your website. Our crawlers will automatically register your backlink and will start indexing your site. Please note that NoFollow or ImageLinks are not considered.

We have no influence on the position of your pages. Our crawlers will evaluate each page according to certain rules and content to provide only the best possible porn sites for our users.

Position that we deliberately influence are search queries without result. If we do not find suitable pages for specific keywords, we will display „alternative sites“ to prevent empty result sets.

So, if a lot of people visit PoornSearch with your referrer, the popularity of your page increases and we will prefer your site for the result of „alternative sites“.

Finally here are some examples of backlinks:

Porn Search Engine

 Porn Search

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